Cathy Styles, September 5, 2021 - 5:57 am

Pray for my family. Pray for healing for my mom Back and Kidney Disease.Pray for healing for my Back and unspoken prayer. Pray for James SR job. Pray for Taytay and Jonnetta to continue doing good in school and for God to keep them safe while they are at school. Pray for Dj medicine to continue working for him. Pray Vicky and Mario health and unspoken prayers. Pray for Cynthia. Pray for Linda(Salvation) & for her find shelter. PrayTerry,Mary and Ms Martha health. Pray for COVID to go away. Pray for Shirbyjean health. Pray for Pastor Marty & Suzanne and PSBC. Pray those who are suffering from cancer to be healed. Pray for the lost and homeless. Pray for the people that was effected by the storm/flood.