What is the “Truth” We Should be Counseling Our Congregations With?

The concept that “all truth is God’s truth” is used by many well-meaning Christians who have determined that God’s truth can be empirically discovered in general revelation and applied to the sciences; specifically, in the realm of psychology and counseling. As a result, there are pastors who consider this as justification for allowing secular psychology to be used in their church counseling programs.
As evangelical Christians we acknowledge “true truth” to be that which God reveals. Furthermore, we believe that what He reveals to us corresponds with His comprehensive knowledge of all things. Therefore, the information we recognize and declare as truth is in conformity with what God claims is true in His revelation.

We Are Called to Counsel

Helping suffering people has been a ministry of the church since its inception. As early as the 16th and 17th centuries, the Puritans used the Scriptures to help people with their suffering and spiritual problems. This personal ministry of the church was considered an integral component to helping people to live a life that glorified God.