PSBC Connections August 2020

Homebound Ministry

Mary Lou Kenna and her granddaughter Paedon created beautiful and uplifting gifts for our homebound members. During this time of social distancing, our homebound visitation has been limited, but our PSBC family can still find wonderful ways to let the homebound members know that we love them and are thinking of them and praying for them. If you would like to help with our homebound ministry, please contact Susan Williams or the church office.

What do baseball games, hot summer weather and snow cones have in common? Not much this year, as our local Greenville Drive games have been cancelled, but in the future we hope you think of West End Snow Cones! If you have been “in church” for any amount of time, it is almost a certainty you have experienced the feeling of “church life” separate from “real life.” The Bible talks about our “old life” (sinner with no grace) and a “new life” (sinner receiving grace)! As believers, we want to break down the ideas in our own minds and hearts that separate our “church” and “real life.” We have started West End Snow Cones as a way to do that!  Are you a senior adult willing and ready to mentor a younger person?  Are you a teen parent nervous about whether or not we are fostering independence in our teens? Do you know of a young person drifting between “interest” in church, but not owning their role being the church? For each answer – we need to talk about West End Snow Cones! We will operate a “small business” right from the church parking lot, practice serving others and build some Biblical skills around working!  We are inviting those who have an interest to learn more and start today preparing for our 2021 Season!

~Mark Foster

Connect in Missions

Though it seems like the COVID-19 epidemic has brought much of the world to a standstill, God is always at work. Believers everywhere are finding ways to love and serve those around them. We recently heard from friends from SC (many of you met them last August) who are now in East Asia learning a foreign language. In a recent letter they told of two new sisters who have accepted our Father’s invitation to be born again!

Taiwan, where they are staying, has decided to stem the spread of COVID-19 by closing its borders to international travel. Because of the temporary nature of their visas, it appears that they may be returning to the States, possibly as soon as September. Regardless, they will continue their language learning and other preparations for a life serving our Father overseas.

Please pray for John and Sally* and their children as they continue to face current uncertainty. Ask our Father to provide for their physical needs, for their continued health, and for clear guidance in decision-making. Pray for the health and well-being of their children. And ask our Father to work through them in such a way that lives are changed.

*Names changed

from Pastor

Marty Price

Who to believe? I have found myself growing increasingly frustrated with the seemingly ever-changing guidelines, statistics, and recommendations on how to deal with the COVID 19 virus. I am not speaking about the extreme views often expressed on social media that range from “it’s a hoax” to “it’s the end of the world”. I’m talking about those who should be considered credible sources. It has become clear that none of us have all of the answers.

A friend recently pointed out that the constantly changing information, though, should be appreciated. As medical professionals and public health officials learn more about this novel/new virus their recommendations change to reflect their new knowledge. “When we know better, we do better.” So, I’m choosing to extend grace to those who are working for our good, and to increase my prayers for them.

I am really glad that we have an unchanging and completely credible source for how to live in uncertain times. God’s Word is a precious gift, written and preserved by God, for our good. This month we are starting a new sermon series “Kingdom Living in a COVID World.” I invite you to participate in this study, either in person or online, with the confident expectation that we will be better equipped to face our current challenges with strength and courage, and to do so in a way that exalts Jesus.


August 2020 Update



Save the Date!

Annual Church Picnic

Saturday, September 12th
at 123 Arlington Avenue
Details to follow soon!

Deacon of the Week (and alternate)

8/2 Dave Ballard (S. Stephens)

8/9 A. Bannister (O. Lawton)

8/16 Mark Foster (S. Pearce)

8/23 Scott Stephens (D. Ballard)

8/30 Oregon Lawton (A. Bannister)

Long-time PSBC member

Doris McKinney

will be 102 on August 8th!

If you would like to send her a birthday card, please call the church office for more information.

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