Anonymous, May 30, 2023 - 9:54 am

Mario & Vicky Wiggleton: Praise God for the blessings thus far! : ) Please pray for the following: Pray for the Lord to continue providing, me (health and success on job), Mario (health, a few "unspoken" prayers), Mario's mom (health), Mario's family (health & well-being, brother's salvation), my mom (health / healing, improvement of CKD), Aunt Shirby (recovery), Cathy (healing, well-being), James Jr (unspoken), Terry (health & well-being), Linda (health & well-being, salvation), Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Martha (health / recovery), those who are suffering from any chronic illnesses including Covid, PSBC, Pastor Marty, friends — Sherry (health, well-being), Kedra (health, comfort), Dana (well-being), Dana's mom (healing/recovery from neck & back surgery), those who are lost and homeless, & a few "unspoken" prayers. Thanks!