Cathy Styles, July 18, 2021 - 6:18 am

Please pray for me and my family, my mom Back and her Kidney disease. Healing for my Back, unspoken prayer. Bless our home and James job. Pray for Taytay and Jonnetta to continue doing good in school. Pray for God to continue making Dj medicine work for him and for him to start reading his bible daily. Pray for Vicky left leg to heal and unspoken prayer. Mario health. Linda health /job. Terry health,shelter. Pray for God to bless Suzanne and pastor Marty health and the new PSBC in process of getting built. Ms Charlotte Memory loss. Mary my mother-in-law health/stop falling. Torri my sister-in-law High blood pressure. Felicia my sister-in-law and her family health. Ms Martha and her family health. Gina,Sheri,Leandro & David battling cancer. Kedra health and encouragement. Dana & Maxzine health and encouragement. Bobby healing from his surgery. The Lost and Homeless Salvation,Health,Shelter.