PSBC Christmas Connections, December 2020


Pendleton Street Baptist Church begins celebrating the Advent Season on Sunday, November 29th.

Join the PSBC family as we celebrate the coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. As a church family, we will be focusing on God’s eternal plan in Jesus Christ, and how we as His disciples are to follow Him in our hearts and by our actions.

Each Sunday during worship service at 10:30 a.m., we will have the lighting of the Advent candles: Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and ending with the lighting of the Christ candle, Christ the Light of the World on December 20th.

Also on Sunday, December 20th, we will have a special service with our children and youth leading in song, with Mrs. Jill McAleer directing. You’re invited to come as we worship each Sunday of Advent at 10:30 a.m. at the Hilton Greenville’s Piedmont Ballroom. Come early for coffee and fellowship. Masks are available if needed. Adult Christian Life Academy will continue to meet at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday in the Pickens Room. All adults are welcome to attend.


PSBC sends 38 Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gifts

Every year, PSBC family members contribute to Samaritan’s Purse “Operation Christmas Child” by filling shoeboxes with toys, school supplies, hygiene items and more, to be sent to needy children internationally. Each child that receives a shoebox also has an opportunity to learn about Jesus, and attend a 12-week Bible study with local pastors. PSBC has participated with Samaritan’s Purse for several years, by donating filled shoeboxes and contributing financially in support of this missionary effort.

PSBC member Dave Edwards and his wife fill shoeboxes every year. Since they have no grandchildren, this is their chance to “experience the joy of shopping for a kid at Christmas.” Dave goes to the same stores every year, where people know him and his wife, and are excited to see him come purchase gifts for the shoebox program. They like to fill boxes for the older boys, with a deflated soccer ball and a pump, a little “bling” like a watch or some other special gift, school supplies, etc. Dave and his wife enjoy shopping for the gifts as much as the child enjoys receiving it! Dave hopes the gifts will bless the boy and that God will use it to open his heart to salvation.

Remember to pray throughout the year for the shoeboxes to reach their destinations and that they will bless each child who receives them. Pray for the children, their parents, and their communities to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord! And remember to start collecting gifts to donate next year!

Ladies Bible Study: Matchless by Angie Smith
From September 14 through November 2, PSBC ladies hosted the Bible Study Matchless. Eighteen ladies attended either the morning or evening session every Monday, and two more ladies studied along remotely. Suzanne Price and Kelly Ramirez led the study sessions, with a video by Angie Smith to accompany each lesson. Everyone came with a desire to know more about our Lord Jesus, and each one left with a desire for more.

When the 8 weeks of Bible study had come to an end, the ladies of the morning and the evening sessions came together to meet each other and to discuss the Bible study, with a light dinner and snacks.

Another Bible study will be coming in the new year. Watch the newsletter for details and join the ladies for another time of learning, prayer, and friendship!

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Appreciation Dinner for PSBC Sunday Ministry Teams
Sunday morning worship service could not happen without our Sunday Ministry Teams. These people volunteer their time, experience, and hard work weekly with such wonderful attitudes, all to God’s glory! On Friday, November 6th, PSBC treated all these hard workers to a delicious dinner from Stax Original and dessert from Brick Street Cafe. Our teams had a great time eating, chatting and laughing together. Please let our teams know how much you appreciate their hard work this Sunday!

PSBC Homebound Ministry

PSBC has been able to deliver church literature and devotionals to our homebound members, in spite of the pandemic. However, we have not been allowed to visit with them in person. Phoebe Crouch came up with a wonderful idea to let our homebound members know how much they are loved during this season: Phoebe hand-made blankets embroidered with “John 3:16;” and with the help of other ministry members the blankets were delivered to our members who are in assisted living and nursing facilities. These beautiful blankets bring with them a message of love and hope. Many thanks to Phoebe for her hard work on this loving endeavor! Let’s remember to pray for our homebound members during this time.

Well, we’ve made it to December.  In a year filled with the natural disasters, a global pandemic, a divisive presidential election, and many disruptions to our regular pattern of living, you may be glad to see 2020 come to a close.  I distinctly remember as a child telling Mom that I wished Christmas would hurry up.  She told me, “Don’t wish your life away.  What is there for you to do today?”  Here are a few things you can do today.
  • Reach out to someone you’ve not connected with recently. A phone call, email, or text may be just what someone needs today
  • Listen. I know your life is busy.  Take time to really listen to someone. Ask leading questions, be attentive to their word choices, don’t problem-solve, just listen. Giving someone your full attention is a rare and precious gift.
  • Speaking of gifts, give a gift. Develop the habit of generosity (and teach it to your children).  Small gifts given with a smile show thoughtfulness and that you care. It’s good for your soul, too.
  • Remember and praise. Years ago a pastor friend told me that the blessings of God are often seen clearest in the rear view mirror.  The Psalmist tells us, “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.”

I’ve been taking time to reflect over the year, and I’d like to share some of the things I’ve learned.

While methods may change, our message remains the same.  Earlier this year we moved our services and small groups online.  While we had some challenges along the way, we have been able to consistently worship, study, and fellowship using technology in a way new to us.  And far more than simply maintaining, we have been able to reach new people with our online presence and live streaming.

Programs are secondary to personal relationships.  Planning and conducting events have been our primary means of staying connected – until this year.  I’ve been so encouraged by seeing how you have kept in touch with each other, encouraged one another, provided for each other’s needs, prayed for, and extended grace to one another. God has worked through West End Counseling Center restoring and strengthening marriages and providing biblical truth to people struggling with discouragement.   You have looked after your neighbors and cared for the home bound.  You are demonstrating that challenges are opportunities to live into the commands of Jesus in new ways.

God faithfully provides through the obedience of His people.  Even when unable to gather in person you have been faithful to contribute to the ministries of the church. Our tithes and offerings have remained consistent, and even with the need to purchase new resources for new ways of doing ministry, God has supplied every need.

God uses difficult times to help us re-think everything, and to generate renewed passion for His mission. During this year we have taken steps to refocus our ministry on the West End, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in 2021.

This Christmas I wish you a closer relationship with Jesus, peace that passes understanding, joy unspeakable and full of glory.


PSBC Connections November 2020

Church Plant Partnership Opportunity

The Pendleton Street Baptist Church family has a passion for the proclamation of the Gospel. To that end, PSBC continues to support both local and international ministries. Our new church plant partnership will be supporting a local church, Christ the Redeemer. This church serves the community of Brandon and the Village of West Greenville. Pastor Marty and our PSBC Leadership Team have been talking with Christ the Redeemer’s pastor, Matthew Wireman, over the last few weeks and have decided to help support the church, both spiritually and financially.

Christ the Redeemer is a Southern Baptist church, dedicated to the Word of God and spreading the Gospel. As stated on their website: “Every Christian is called to follow Jesus and to teach others everything he did and taught. We believe that our greatest joy is to live in light of Jesus’ teachings and to tell others about Him. As followers of Jesus, we want to ensure that all of us are fully-engaged in loving our families, neighbors, co-workers, and strangers in practical ways that highlights the beauty of knowing and having a life changed by Jesus.”

Pendleton Street Baptist Church and Christ the Redeemer also hope to work together in shared ministry opportunities, such as summer camps or other community outreaches in the West End of Greenville. We also commit to praying for one another as church families and as members of the Body of Christ.

If you would like more information on what you can do to help, please contact the PSBC church office at 864-232-7312. Thank you!


From Pastor

Marty Price


After the last several months it is with some relief that, as I write this, the election is just one week away. Faithful Christians are good citizens, and I expect that you will vote in the election. It is important, however, that we remember a few eternal truths that will help us to respond to the election results in a way that honors God and proclaims His gospel.

First, how you respond to the results of the election is important, regardless of who wins or if the results are unclear and contested. While the election is important for our country, the church, and the world, we must never put our hope in any elected official or political party. We are citizens of an eternal kingdom, and our hope is in God alone…and He is always faithful!

Second, God is in control. He has used all kinds of leaders, from those with noble character to the basest of men, to accomplish His purposes in the world. While I pray for a nation that loves God and His righteousness, I believe God when he says that trials are inevitable. As wonderful and blessed as our country is, it is not heaven. Our peace and our joy flow from our intimacy and trust in Jesus.

Finally, we have a purpose in this world, given to us by our King. We show His love, proclaim His truth, and demonstrate His character as we represent Him in this fallen world. Regardless of the outcome of the election we have a great opportunity now. We can love our enemies, pray for those who persecute us, and do good to those who despitefully use us. We can stand for truth, fight for justice, and love kindness as we walk humbly with God.

Come Tuesday you will probably feel either like you have won or lost, depending on the outcome of the election. I am praying for you even now, that as a child of God you will remember that you have already won! Jesus has already overcome the world, He has claimed you as His own, He lives in you, and He “strengthens you with power through His Spirit in your inner being” (Ephesians 3:16).

“My hope is built on nothing less

than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;

I dare not trust the sweetest frame,

but wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

On Christ, the solid rock, I stand;

all other ground is sinking sand,” – Edward Mote 


PSBC Connections October 2020

PSBC Annual Picnic was a great success!

In spite of the rainy weather and a little pandemic, we had a great Annual Picnic on Saturday, September 12th. Over 60 people came through for some great BBQ (thanks to Rick Blucas) and stayed to see old friends and meet some new ones. We were able to meet and serve some of our new neighbors in the area. Although we couldn’t play outside, the PSBC kids still had fun and games together in our “new” building at 123 Arlington Ave. while their parents enjoyed catching up with each other. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make this picnic great!


Greetings, PSBC,

We want to say thank you for the generous investment that you have made in the life and ministry of The Church at Blue Ridge. In a very real way, you have played a role in our taking the Gospel to Northern Greenville County. As you all surely know, the Coronavirus Pandemic caused much of our church’s ministry to be slowed and in some  cases put on hold completely this past spring, but God has been faithful. In particular, it was very difficult to be forced to cancel Runner’s Camp and to miss out on seeing many of you who have volunteered with this event over the years. While much of our ministry looks different than before, we have been able to resume most of our ministry efforts and have seen growth in during this very trying season.

When planting a church, creativity regarding ministry is expected, but God  used this season to teach us even more creative ways to minister to our people and community when a physical gathering was impossible. Hosting live panel discussions on Zoom, streamed sermons on Sunday morning, sending monthly children’s discipleship boxes to support our families, and meeting outdoors underneath a wedding tent are just a few examples of the opportunities God gave us to think differently about ministry.

The Greenville County School district allowed us to return to North West Middle School in July, and we soon made a move from the cafeteria into the gymnasium. This move allows us to better practice social distancing and better accommodates our growth. Last week, we were able to resume, on a limited basis, our Ridge Kids ministry on Sunday mornings. We have also kicked off a fall Wednesday night series of one time teaching events called One-Offs tackling subjects including, the image of God, eschatology, and marriage. These have been incredibly fun! We are so looking forward to resuming our membership class called Connections and a new class of folks who are seeking membership in our body.

The future for The Church Blue Ridge is bright, and we cannot thank you enough for all the prayers, financial support, and volunteers that have brought us to to where we are today. You have truly been a blessing to us, and we are looking forward to how God might use our two churches to reach the upstate in the future.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Robert McKinney


From Pastor

Marty Price


Last week I was asked, “When will COVID-19 be over?”  I am confident that you, like me, are ready for the threat of infection to subside, for restrictions to go away, and to regain some sense of normalcy.  In one sense the virus will never go away. While a “new” virus, once created, it is here to stay.  In another sense, it is well on its way out. We are learning more about the virus and how it is transmitted daily, enabling clearer steps for both prevention and treatment. The number of cases reported in the US peaked in July, and has been decreasing since that time, though with periodic spikes.


It is easy to become discouraged when struggles last for a long period of time, whether a chronic illness, a long-lasting conflict, or a global pandemic. On Sundays we are studying how we live as citizens of God’s Kingdom in a world filled with struggles.  And though times are difficult there is good news! God has given us the means to stay encouraged, and to “not grow weary in well-doing.” I hope you will join us as we place ourselves in (and under) God’s Word, either in person or on-line.  I am continually praying that you will endure, by the power of God and the encouragement of Scripture, with great joy and a peace that passes understanding. “May the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Romans 15:5-6).


PSBC Connections September 2020


Ladies, you are invited to participate in the new Bible study, Matchless, the Life and Love of Jesus by Angie Smith. In this study, we will learn about who Jesus is, why He came to earth, and how we can know Him and have a real relationship with Him. This study will deepen our understanding of Jesus and help us to see him less as an iconic figure, and more as an intimate friend.

When: Mondays beginning September 14th, through November 2nd
Time: Either 10:00 a.m. OR 5:30 p.m.
Place: 123 Arlington Avenue, Greenville SC
Cost: $10.00 per person (the cost of your book)

Register soon! We only have 16 seats per session.


Request from United Ministries

United Ministries is a local ministry that PSBC has supported for many years. The pandemic has affected all of us in so many ways, and unfortunately, many have lost jobs and income and are struggling to feed themselves and their families. United    Ministries sent out this request for help:

“We thank you for all the support you’ve shown United Ministries and its participants in these uncertain times. These past few months we’ve seen an increase in individuals’ need for crisis services, a 300% increase in the need for food alone, and the demand hasn’t subsided. With higher demands, we’re always running low on supplies for our day shelter for the homeless, Place of Hope, and food for our food pantry.”

If you’re able, please help restock the food pantry! Contact United Ministries at 864-335-2613 or donate at 606 Pendleton St., Greenville SC 29601.


Kingdom Living

In our study of Kingdom Living in a COVID World, we have focused on developing personal convictions in disputable matters – those areas of life where we may disagree or seek to live out our Christianity differently.  Clearly, this does not pertain to areas where the Bible speaks, such as foundational doctrines, clear prohibitions or commands.  The essential teaching of Romans 14:1 – 15:7 is that we are to “welcome” one another, even when we hold different beliefs about some things.  Or, rather, especially when we hold different beliefs. It’s easy to welcome people who agree with us and share our convictions. It’s harder when we have to work through differences. 

While it seems that, in many ways, our world is more contentious than ever, I am grateful to be a part of a congregation that is “full of goodness, filled with all knowledge and able to instruct one another.”  I pray that these passages remind us to continually walk in these great truths, and that “5 the God of endurance and encouragement grant you to live in such harmony with one another, in accord with Christ Jesus,that together you may with one voice glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Rom. 15:5-6).

I look forward to seeing you Sunday!
Pastor Marty Price