March 2021 PSBC Connections

Preparation 2021

We are called to Glorify God by Making Mature Disciples of All Nations, and so is every true church. The question that needs an answer is, “How has God uniquely designed and equipped us to do that in our community at this time?” In order to answer that question we need to understand who we are, what the needs are in our community, and what are our passions. Over the next couple of months you will be asked to participate in conversations, focus groups and surveys that will help us more fully understand how God is shaping our congregation. We will also be scheduling times to get out in the West End to visit people, conduct interviews on the street, ask people for how we can be praying for them, etc. There will be several opportunities for everyone in the church to get fully engaged in this time of discovery. The single most significant thing we must be continually doing is being devoted in prayer. These are exciting days at PSBC!

Property 2021 Update

As we move forward with plans for a building in the West End our next steps will be to work with both the City of Greenville and its Board of Zoning Appeals, and the South Carolina Department of Transportation to more fully understand what they’ll expect from the details of our design. We plan to share our design with them informally this month before we ask for formal, public approval this spring. Right now, Sherman Construction is working to test the cost of the preliminary design. Once we have their initial “benchmark” estimate, we’ll start working with the architect and engineers to further develop the preliminary design. As we move further along the process, we will have several opportunities for the congregation to give input. Pray that we will find favor with the City’s planning staff and with the SCDOT as we seek approval of the site plan.

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