January 12 – 18, 2020

Daily Bible Reading



  • January 12 – Job 32-34
  • January 13 – Job 35-37
  • January 14 – Job 38-39
  • January 15 – Job 40-42
  • January 16 – Genesis 12-15
  • January 17 – Genesis 16-18
  • January 18 – Genesis 19-21

Thoughts on Jan. 14 reading: by Daniel Byrd

“Who put wisdom in the heart or gave the mind understanding?” – Job 38:36

For nearly the entirety of the book of Job, Job is questioning why he is going through so much pain and inner turmoil. His friends go back and forth with him, but Job gets to the point where he just wants to hear his God speak. God does just that, but probably not in the way Job was hoping. God speaks and when He does, He asks Job some very hard questions. This may be the hardest one, I know it is for me. In the midst of suffering, in the midst of storms of life, in the midst of bitterness, and pain, I so often get angry at God. Why? It boils down to pride. At the end of the day, I think I got the short of end of the stick and that I deserve better. Job felt a similar way himself. God reminds Job, and myself for that matter, that He is sovereign over it all. He is the one who spoke everything into existence out of His imagination and He is the one who is the standard and creator of wisdom and understanding. When I can’t see why things are happening the way that they are or I feel I deserve better, then I need this reminder: God’s wisdom and understanding are far above my own. I can’t see it now, but God is working. I feel like I deserve more, yet God is preparing me to do more for Him. Trials humble us, trials teach us, but most of all trials remind us just how dependent we are on the Lord.

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