January 1 2019

Daily Bible Reading for January 1, 2019: Joshua 1 – 5 (History)
I am deeply grateful to my parents for instilling in me from a very early age the love of reading. There is so much to read – newspapers, magazines, biographies, history, fiction, and non-fiction. There are hardbacks, paperbacks, and now eBooks. (Kindle is my friend!) But there is one book that is radically different from all of the rest – God’s book, the Bible.  What makes it unique is that God, the Creator of the everything, has given it to us and preserved it for us. It is literally “God-Breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16). The Bible is how God speaks to us today.
Last year we read through the New Testament together in a 5-day reading plan.  This year we are expanding this to read through both the Old Testament and the New Testament in a 7-day reading plan. Each day will have a reading from different types of Books found in the Bible; Sunday – The Epistles, Monday – The Law, Tuesday – History, Wednesday – Psalms, Thursday – Poetry, Friday – Prophecy & Revelation, and Saturday – The Gospels and Acts. This plan will take us through all 66 Books of the Bible in a year.
Why would we want to do this, to set aside time, mental energy, and effort to read through Scripture? Is it worth it?  I’m glad to say, IT IS WORTH IT!  The Bible is perfect, reviving the soul, giving wisdom, bringing joy to the heart. It is sweeter than honey, more valuable than gold (Psalm 19). As we read, we learn the character and attributes of God. We see how dark the world is, how evil people can be to one another, and how God has brought hope, forgiveness, and joy to the world in the person of Jesus.  I am looking forward to encountering God in the pages of His book together!

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