GPS: Gospel Project for Students!

The Gospel Project is a great curriculum from LifeWay, which dives into the entire Bible and points to the Gospel throughout both the Old and New Testaments in an engaging and meaningful way for students of all ages. Our GPS program is geared for kids age 3 through 8th grade and normally meets as a group on Tuesdays at the West End Community Center.

The GPS kids celebrate the end of a great semester at Big Air Trampoline – looking forward to another celebration where we can all be together soon!

However, during this time of social distancing, Mark Foster and the other GPS leaders are bringing GPS to you in your own homes! There will be weekly lessons, videos, and other materials on the GPS website, and some of the leaders will bring craft kits and other items to the kids’ homes. For more information, contact Mark Foster or the church office

GPS Blog

From Mark Foster, GPS Leader:

I hope all is well. This was part of one of my morning devotionals that I thought fit well with the email contents from last night:


One of the greatest needs in the Body of Christ today is the ministry of being a prayer helper. Paul often asked, even begged, for prayer: “Now I beg you, brethren, through the Lord Jesus Christ, and through the love of the Spirit, that you strive together with me in prayers to God for me, that I may be delivered” (Romans 15:30-31).” You can begin the ministry of being a prayer helper today. Trust the Holy Spirit to sensitize you to the needs of others and start asking God to meet their needs.

I wanted to share some things from last night being out with the kids! 

Part confessional: lots of times through my past, people in missions or various outreach would share and I would be halfway disconnected and almost dismissive of their presentation, from an informational perspective and a perspective around how God could utilize those presentations for personal growth! 

My hope and prayer for these types of updates, for all of us, is that we get added information and perspective around what’s going on…but also that we allow God to take these and use them in our personal walk and growth and relationship with HIM!

I know everyone would love to be out with the kids!  I know you miss them and our time together.  Even as rough as some GPS nights could be, the time away does expose how much I valued time with them and the opportunity to share life and the gospel with them.  I hope the same is for you!


– Patty and I visited the apartments handing out Patty’s class craft bags and then giving our “gps tickets” and then we gave everyone the prayer guide (attached and on website).

– Fewer kids are out, generally speaking, but this is our 4th week (hard to believe) and I think they are beginning to anticipate or expect our visit (probably mainly for Patty’s lesson bags and the candy, but it is always good conversation and to share)!

– The picture prayer guide seemed to be a big hit as everyone wanted to find themselves and other pictures.  We should pray that they use it!  Please download it and use it for our prayers as well.  We just asked everyone to pick a person to pray for daily! (Click here for the prayer guide)

– The apartment community is always changing and each visit we get reminded of this as we meet new friends and family.  Walking around also just helps place faces with families.  We often get to interact with one of the parents!  Last night, two moms wanted one of the prayer guides. 

– Last night we met a new child, Kelsey and her mom Fran.  They had literally moved in yesterday.  We had a short conversation, but mom looked tired!  She asked Patty about a job, so I assume may be in need of work.  Please be in prayer for them and I might try and get back by to drop them a little “welcome package” from GPS!

– We also met a new talkative little boy named Josiah and his grandmother Janet.  Josiah said he had a older brother Kaleb and Mom is in the house also (Latoya).  We pray that we can continue to connect with them!

– Later on during the neighborhood visits, when leaving Breanna and Bryson’s house, their mom, Crystal, was sitting on the porch.  As I started leaving, she asked “whether I thought this was a plague?”.  She said she was spiritual and a believer and she was wondering my thoughts.  I got the opportunity to just ask some questions around her question, listen to her and then share some thoughts around the scriptures.  I mainly shared with her about God’s power, His care and that as we walk through times like this we sometimes get reminded of our lack of control and how much we love to control (and that sometimes that plays in our minds about “forecasting” the future, which isn’t our role).  I encouraged her by reminding her that God’s plan is still being put in place every moment through this time and as believers we need to look to see how we can be obedient.  I just reminded her that the “end time” will come for each of us and that we need to make sure that we are doing those things that God shows us – prayer, being in His word, showing others God’s love, repenting of our sins and serving others.  I was able to pray with her, pray for her family…we should also pray that she (and everyone) doesn’t turn to alcohol or other earthly things that we try to use to numb or “deal” with our anxiety, but turn to the Bible.    

I share so that you can pray for the children, their families and these individual interactions we had.  We believe in a God that works by the “moment/second” in our lives and the lives He is calling and we pray for our obedience.

Sorry to flood with details, but I was encouraged being out there and wish everyone could physically be there because I know each of you would love the time!  Patty can share any additional thoughts she had or ones that I have missed!

This weeks lesson should be live at  Please check it out, follow along with the kids, pray and always give your feedback to improve (keep sending those weekly greeting/lesson videos)


Hope you have a great day!


Mark Foster