Christian Life Academy

(Currently suspended for COVID19 restrictions – we will resume classes once it is deemed safe and wise to do so)


The key to Spiritual Growth that we see from both the model and the instruction of the New Testament is to connect with other believers in small groups to study God’s Word, and to apply it to our lives. The relationships that are built in small groups are resources God gives us for encouragement, understanding, and walking in step with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. On Sunday mornings we encourage you to connect with one of the following studies to strengthen your walk with God, and to be an encouragement to others. 

Bible Studies for Life, Spring 2020 (with Dave Ballard)

Answers to Tough Questions: Defending What You Believe (Jeremiah Johnston): Many Christians consider apologetics – defending the faith – a discipline reserved for this in academic circles, but every follower of Christ should consider carefully why they believe what they believe. Examining the six question in this study moves us beyond the culture norm of “this is what I think” to truth that compels us to believe.

When Life Gets Hard: Big Questions about Pain and Suffering (Chad & Candace Keck): No one is immune to pain and suffering; it’s universal. What is not universal is how we respond to it. The Bible does not answer all our questions about why we suffer; but it tells us enough to know that we can fully trust God – even when we hurt.


Explore the Bible: Numbers; Deuteronomy (with Oregon Lawton)

Numbers is filled with stories of the Israelites traveling toward the promised land. We discover detours and complaints along the way. Deuteronomy is made up of three sermons presented by Moses as he prepared the people to cross the Jordan and take the land. This book ends with the death of Moses, who was allowed to see the promised land but not step foot in it. Our prayer is that as we look at the stories in Numbers and the messages of Deuteronomy, we will discover afresh our need for a Savior and encouragement for living a life that honors that Savior. These books were important to Jesus and should be to us as well, giving us deeper insights into His life and death and how we should live our lives as His people.



Secrets of the Vine (with Tim and Beth Mills)

In Secrets of the Vine, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson explores John 15 to show you how to make maximum impact for God. Wilkinson demonstrates how Jesus is the Vine of life, discusses four levels of “fruit bearing” (doing the good work of God), and reveals three life-changing truths that will lead you to new joy and effectiveness in His kingdom. Secrets of the Vine will open your eyes to the Lord’s hand in your life and will uncover surprising insights that will point you toward a new path of consequence for God’s glory.