Start reading through the Bible with PSBC. Didn’t start on January 1st? That’s ok, jump in where we are, or start back on January 1st and take your own pace. If you catch up, that’s great! Or feel comfortable to keep going your own pace. The important thing is that you are reading the Bible and becoming more knowledgeable and closer to God!

January 3 Genesis 5.1-6.8, Psalm 3
January 4 Genesis 6.9-9.29, Psalm 4
January 5 Genesis 10.1-11.9, Psalm 5
January 6 Genesis 11.10-26, Psalm 6
January 7 Genesis 11.27-12.20, Psalm 7
January 8 Genesis 13-14, Psalm 8
January 9 Genesis 15-16, Psalm 9