Philippines Mission Trip 2019

“…to the uttermost ends of the earth.”

Our Philippines Mission Team has returned – and the trip was a wonderful testimony to the glory of God! Please continue to pray for our partners in the Philippines as they continue on their mission in the area. 

Continue to pray that we will glorify God by making mature disciples of all nations! (Matthew 28:19-20)
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From Pastor Marty Price:

Having just returned from a week in the Philippines, serving with Pastor Melo Lumibao and brothers and sisters in Christ, I’d like to share a few thoughts.

First, It is a wonderful blessing to know and fellowship with others who are passionate about loving God and proclaiming the Gospel. Pastor Melo and his family, and his family of churches, demonstrate grace and kindness and unflagging zeal in serving God. It was a tremendous blessing just to spend time with them.

While 8 people from our congregation went on the trip, this is a full partnership with congregation-wide participation from all of the churches involved. PSBC prayed fervently, gave generously, and made the trip and this partnership possible. Great Job!

The team was perfect for the mission! Everyone was “all in” and had a tremendous attitude throughout the trip. Diverse gifts, ages, and personalities working in unity for God’s glory! It is an honor to serve with you all.

Pastor Melo and Sister Ruth of FIBC Masinloc, Pastor Mac and Sister Gretchen of San Lorenzo, Pastor Daniel and Sister Jacqueline of Tapuac and Candelaria, and Pastor Gideon of Olongapo are wonderfully and faithfully making disciples…reaching the lost and equipping the saints. I am humbled to know them.

And finally (for today), God is good! He has graciously saved us, made us His own, and works in and through us – also a gift of grace. In this, as in all things, may God be glorified!

Marty Price

Enjoy pictures from the 2019 Philippines Mission Trip!