Christian Life Academy

 Spring 2018

All Classes begin at 9:00 a.m. each Sunday morning at the Hilton Greenville.
The key to Spiritual Growth that we see from both the model and the instruction of the New Testament is to connect with other believers in small groups to study God’s Word, and to apply it to our lives. The relationships that are built in small groups are resources God gives us for encouragement, understanding, and walking in step with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. On Sunday mornings we encourage you to connect with one of the following studies to strengthen your walk with God, and to be an encouragement to others. 

Our Great Salvation- A Systematic Study of Soteriology (with Marty Price)

While all of the doctrines of Scripture are important, understanding what God says about salvation is a core foundational truth that will strengthen our faith and our witness.   We will seek to answer questions such as – What does it mean to be “saved?”  Can people from other religions be saved? If salvation belongs to God, and it does, what is our role in coming to Christ?  Can we be saved and later reject Christ? What about people who have never heard the Gospel? As Baptists, has our understanding of salvation changed?  As we devote time to searching the scriptures the topics we will cover include the atonement, predestination, free will and election, good works, common grace and saving grace, perseverance, and the experience and fruit of regeneration.


Bible Studies for Life, Spring 2018 (with Dave Ballard)

This quarter, our first session will be “God Is…” by Ken Hemphill. Throughout the Old Testament, God revealed different aspects of His holy character, and several names captured the essence of His character. These names give us a glimpse into the infinite character of our loving God, and we will discover who He is in our lives. The second session by Daniel Darling is “Stand Up: How to Fight Injustice.” We live in a world of injustice, but how do we respond? Do we just passively accept what happens to and around us? The Book of Esther offers a different approach. In a time of great injustice against their own people , Mordecai and Esther rose to the occasion and took a stand. As we look at their lives, we see a model for how we can live for Christ as we stand up for others.


The Gospel Project: Letters to God’s People (with Oregon Lawton)

After the Lord’s ascension into heaven and the Spirit’s descent upon the followers of Jesus, Christ’s church began to grow. More disciples were made and churches were planted. The apostles maintained some oversight in these churches through person visits and through their letters. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, these me gave the churches God’s directions that they would be more faithful, unified, mercifully, loving, and obedient. The letters of the apostles clearly tell the good news of Jesus Christ giving His life to save people from their sin. They also declare the implications of this salvation. God changes those who believe in Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives. In Christ, slaves to sin become the children of God who gather together as brothers and sisters. This new identity works itself out in the fruit of the Spirit, impacting the way we pray, the way we give , the way we see they world, and the way we run the race of faith.